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with Color-Changing LED technology.

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Arise Shine Light


AriseShine Home Light

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Product specs:
panel size is 2 feet x 2 feet x 1/2 inch
110V AC input, 3-prong power plug, 6-foot slim cord ( No AC adapter required )
Weight: 7 lbs
Power consumption: 0.03 Watt(standby) to 40 Watt
Packaging box dimension : 26 inches x 26 inches x 4 inches

Designed and assembled in the USA with USA and foreign materials.
AriseShine Home Light is available for purchase in increments of 1


Product specs: 2 feet x 2 feet x 0.5 inch, 110V AC input, 3-prong power plug. 6-foot cord. Weight: 7 lbs.

This light is perfect for the bedroom ( you may say it's perfect for every room). It is equipped with a simple yet powerful 3-button interface. Truly plug-and-play, the wonderful world of colors and light is literally at your finger tips. Take the light home. Plug it into a regular AC outlet. No bulky AC adapter required. No wiring hassle or surprises. The light will instantly come to life and the colorful lights will bring you happiness and excitement. Let AriseShine-color mixing (patent-pending) elevates you to a new higher and brighter level in your life ! You will see more than just a new color. In fact, you eyes will be seeing an infinite number of colors. Yes. It's hard to comprehend but it is real ! They are right before your eyes and you will love them because your brain and your mind is enjoying it so much so. 

When you are almost exhausted with trying to decide which color setting and mixing you like most, there is also a memory feature where the last used setting/mixing will be memorized by the microcomputer inside our panel in case the light's power is cut off. The computer will remember it as long as it is left in that setting/mixing for more than a minute. For example, if the last used setting was pink and the light was on, even if the power to the light is turned off, as soon as the power is back, the light will come on and the setting will be pink again. This feature is particularly useful if you like to power the light from an outlet controlled by a wall-switch or you are one of the really lucky ones who owns multiple AriseShine lights.

Special features include a pair of easy hang-on brackets suitable for cross-bar hanging typically found in some university dorm rooms (Cornell University, for example).

The light functions as a study light in the cool white setting. A soothing and relaxing light in the blue color setting. Some experts say it can help with sleep. Be sure to try out the "sky blue" setting within the blue color series. This one is our customers' favorite and we think you will love it too.

Tell us which one you like best and why in our product reviews.

And congratulations on becoming an AriseShine light owner !

Download a user guide today. (Download link will be emailed to you after you fill out a form through our Contact Us page)

Designed and assembled in the USA with USA and foreign materials. *All orders are subject to confirmation. At this time, we are only accepting orders from USA and Canada.

CAUTION: Products has sharp edges. Children of age 8 and under requires adult supervision. Panel should be mounted properly and securely on a wall before usage.


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